Participant Experience



Year after year, we hear from people whose writing practice has been inspired and expanded through this program. Here are a few comments from recent attendees:


"The contact with literary agents, writing coaches, and editors I received through this course created invaluable connections that I am able to move forward with, and allow me to directly apply the exceptional course material."


"By teaching physicians and helping professionals to write books, self-help books, etc, this course is single-handedly saving the lives or improving the lives of millions of people around the world."


"I began work on my book proposal the day after this course ended!"


"I am so excited about changing the way I approach my work in social media and communication. I'm planning to create and deliver a presentation on social media to share with my community. I also feel more confident in helping physicians spread the word about what they do to make my community healthier and happier."


"I connected with an editor through this course who will help me with the next step in working on my book."


"The practice pitch sessions were instrumental to my growth as a writer."


"I know now that as I continue to write, my clinical work will vastly improve; both educational and narrative writing will build competencies as well as connections with patients."


"I have developed an action plan for my writing on a personal and professional level."


"This course has helped me to organize and focus my efforts to increase my platform (ability to influence, ability to get my message out into the world) and my strategies to achieve publication of my book."


"I am going to incorporate narrative writing into the psychosocial curriculum for internal medicine residents."


"This course provided core motivation by highlighting the public health value in medical professionals publishing their writing." 


"As a result of taking this course, I expect to become much more active with social media in order to get my ideas out to a wider audience."


"Since attending this course, I have already started looking at research to help with what I'd like to write."


"This course made me more comfortable sharing my voice within multiple contexts, not just primarily among colleagues in mental health."


"I am now writing every day and focusing on the impact of stories which I frequently tell patients targeting their specific needs."


"The course was impressive in that agents, polishers, writing coaches, media experts were available, helpful and easy to communicate with."


"I am going to WRITE MORE!! I am so excited!"


"This program has stimulated my thinking about methods to involve patients by having them contribute 'anonymous' narrative pieces."


"I am going to publish a book, use twitter, and establish social media presence."


"Our clinic has recently convened to discuss our overall messaging strategy, thanks to the encouragement of this course."


"The ability to interact with acquisition editors and literary agents and to learn what they are looking for has been pivotal for me, as well as the presentations on how to bring your message to life."


"I have made plans to engage in academic activities (using health narratives, editorial pieces) to stimulate comment and engagement."


"I learned how even updating your hospital website can really be avenue for reaching out to more families."


"I have added and modified both writing and the practical aspects of disseminating my work. It will not be the sound of a tree falling in a distant forest."


"My research productivity will greatly benefit from the new content I have learned about the publishing process, use of social media to create an individual platform, and other topics from this course."


"This course has encouraged me to look for more real-time knowledge on patient care issues, improve consultation and acquisition of resources to compliment my practice, and to enhance my speaking and writing."


"I learned that I really need to focus my time on social media and building a platform, rather than writing a book. I don't really want a book, I want a platform I can use to improve people’s lives."


"It was great to be surrounded by intelligent, creative colleagues. The camaraderie was wonderful."


"I can now write the book I have wanted to write."


"The opportunity to meet professionals in the field through panel discussions and networking during breaks was an unanticipated gem of this course."


"Having attended many seminars on this subject, the things that stand out from this course are the personal critique, the pitches, and the social media marketing. Also, laying out the elements of proposals and of final material closed important gaps for me."


"I felt that the level of support from the faculty and attendees was far beyond my expectations and the very definition of exceptional."


"Never before this course have I had a director who received a standing ovation at conference end—and rarely ever have I felt there was a director who deserved one. Julie did, and did."


"The encouragement at the beginning to make the most of the resources/opportunities of the course was key to my full engagement. My networking, learning from faculty, and having initiative all benefited from it."


"The workshops were outstanding. The pitch workshop really forced me to refine my idea."


"This course helped me realize that I am able to reach a wider audience with the appropriate use of writing, publishing and social media."


"The ideas and variety of talent/personality were a key part of this course for me, as well as the interactions available."


"The social media sessions were eye-opening and really helped to look at its relevance in an entirely different way. Also, the session on 'victory verbs' will go a long way to improving the quality of my writing."


"The collaborative environment in the writing workshop where attendees could give each other feedback really worked. After the class we continued to talk and the next day during the pitches session we sat together and cheered each other on."


"This course has helped me to clarify my reason for writing (which is related to improving patient care outside of my own practice) and to focus my writing efforts."


"This program is moving physicians into the modern arena of social media, and encouraging physicians and healthcare professionals to have a voice."


"I think many in the audience were concerned about learning how to ensure that their honest messages were channeled properly. The presenters showed ingenuity and expertise using a combination of emotion and objectivity to build a pathway to change in medicine across disciplines."